Machine knitting - one, two and ready!

For this workshop you could be a beginner or someone who already knows how to use a knitting machine. It is still refreshing to remember and practice some basic methods. 

During the workshop the quick overview of the elementary and important methods of machine knitting will be provided:

cast-on, decrease, cast-off, short rows, clean edges, button holes, pattern knitting, welt.

By the end of the workshop a small fancy purse will be created, using all the mentioned methods.

Lee Reinula (b. 1966) is a designer and master of machine knitting. She has a long practical history of machine knitting which started already during her studies at the Estonian Art Academy. She describes her career: During a third year at the Academy there was a machine knitting semester that did not inspire her, neither did she learn the techniques, she just knitted something to pleasure the teacher. During the fourth year she made her compulsory practice in Viljandi knitting factory, but again she did not learn any of the techniques, the women of the factory just completed all the reqcuired stuff for her!

And then she bought her own knitting machine in 1988, called NEVA 5, and started to learn on her own. She knitted lots of sweaters with pictures and coats as well.

After she suddenly became successful with her selling career in Sweden, she bought a brand new machine Brother KH-836 with the rib-plate, that cost 23 500 SEK!! She was afraid that her family would kill her, but luckily that did not happen, and she was able to set the machine up into her home studio.

By now she has become acknowledged teacher, first at the Tarty HIgher Art School, and then in VIljandi Culture Academy. She has conducted lots of courses to the hobby makers, elderly people etc. She likes to teach very much!

Besides teaching she is an entrepreneur and is glad that during the recent years she has been able to fill huge number of private orders, and half of these have been machine knitted! 

About the inspiration: In 1994 she, by an accident, acquired a fabulous catalogue by Gudrun Sjöden, and from that moment she has been a great fan of her. She also likes folk art based designs of IVKO and Oleana for their rich colours and high quality. She is very much inspired by Estonian folk art as well, and therefore she uses various patterns form different regions of Estonia.

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