Ludmilla Korolkova (RUS)

Title of the lecture: Traditional clothing and home decorations of the Baltic-Finnish people of Russia, made in nalbinding, knitting, or crocheting techniques in the end of 19th – the beginning of the 20th century.

The lecture is based on the collections preserved in the Russian Museum of Ethnography, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Short abstract: The ethnographic materials are about knitwear of Veps, Karelian, Izhor, Sami, Finns living on the territory of Ingria. The report will present sweaters, headdresses, stockings, socks, mittens, gloves, and chrocheted lace as home decorations.  

KOROLKOVA L. V., PhD (in History) is a chief recearcher at the Department of the Ethnography of the Peoples of the North-West of Russia and Baltics in Russian Museum of Ethnography, St. Petersburg, Russia.


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