Lithuanian beaded wristwarmes (long course)

After a short historical introduction we begin to make our own simple wristlets. We will put the beads on the knitting thread and begin to knit along the chosen pattern. In this workshop it would be possible to concentrate on more details and just enjoy knitting together! (There is shorter version of this workshop as well, see from the left menu.) 

Sonata Eidikienė was graduated from the Academy of Art in Vilnius (painting) and raising her kids after gradually switched from painting to textile... She has been a knitter since she was 5 years old, now she is running a yarn shop in Vilnius "Mezgimo zona". Interest in folk art was a form of resistance when she was young. In her case it was the folk textile. She attended annual etnografical expeditions of VU club "Romuva" - draw the crocheted items for Rumšiškės musuem. Later her interest extended to folk knitting. She researched the collections of knitted items in Vilnius National Museum, Tamošaitis Gallery "Židinys" and published some patterns in "Knitting Traditions" "Piecework" based on it:

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