On Thursday you will be able to visit the newly built Estonian National Museum in Tartu (80 km from Viljandi) where you will see the permanent Estonian and Finno-Ugric expositions, and the temporary exhibitions of the Estonian Folk Costumes, and Anu Raud's gobelins. Note that the excursion is optional and costs 40€ per person. 

New York Times suggests ENM one of the best sight seeing spots in the world, placing it on the 16th position!

On Friday afternoon  we will take you to the small Heimtali Museum near Viljandi where you will be able to see and listen to the Estonian grand old lady in tapestry art Anu Raud and see the ethnogrphic textile collections in the museum. Also many other interesting things are planned to this afternoon, such as knitting olympic games "Walk & Knit".