Details from Saaremaa knitted jackets

In this workshop you will learn various simple and decorative techniques that have been historically knitted on the Saaremaa jackets and sweaters. You will knit a wristlet using these methods.

Riina Tomberg (b. 1956) is a lecturer of Estonian native textiles since 2000 at the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy, the department of Estonian native crafts, and also gives various workshops on traditional knitting in Estonia and internationally. She has graduated from Estonian State Art Institute (Estonian Art Academy) as a textile designer in 1981, and has a master degree from Estonian Art Academy folk art department.

Riina has participated in expeditions to finno-ugric people by Estonian State Art Institute and Estonian National Museum in 1978-86. Participated in republic and international exhibitions of textile art since 1980.

She has been awarded with a prize of the young artist of the year in 1983, 1st prize in competition of textile art in Japan in 1992, annual prize of Estonian Cultural Endowment in 2004.

Since 1992 she owns a textile studio and knitting workshop Ruut & Triip in Kuressaare, Saaremaa island. 

Her book “Vatid, troid, vamsad. Knitted jackets from Estonian islands” was published in 2006

 She says: The inspiration for me lies in the traditional way of life, doing things with your own hands for yourself and to the closest people around you. You would like to protect them not only from bad weather, but from anything evil that could come across. I would like to use that kind of thinking in my work, even in modern design.

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