Albina Lebedeva (RUS)

Title of the lecture: "Perspective for promotion of traditional knitting in Russia"

Albina's own experience with direct sales of mittens in Russia as well as do a research of social networking on the web, connected to knitting. 

More precise thesis would be available as her research develops.

Albina Lebedeva (age 38) has a degree in sociology, her current profession is photographer.

Albina writes about herself: "After a career in a big city downshifted to life in the countryside and met with the culture of Seto, Estonian and Izborsk knitting. We live in a village of three museums, two of them dedicated to Seto handwork, including woodwork, weaving and knitting. First I started to knit myself, recollecting what I had known from school handicraft lessons, then developed with collecting mittens from neighbour villages to bring them to DIY markets in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. The idea was to share the great feeling of naturally made handicraft, with traditional quality, great in design and unique, with the smell of countryside. And to share our new lifestyle.

Currently we have got support from Pskov region NGOs for the developing our project in order to make traditional knitting become a Pskov region brand. So we plan to start educational activities in traditional knitting for local people."

Instagram: trueknits



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