Venue and practical information

The lectures, dining and the main information desk will be held in Sakala centre (Tallinn street 5), the workshops will be held partially in the Sakala centre and partially in Vilma building (Turu street 7), that is about 100 metres from the Sakala centre. 

Distances between these spots and hotels are within 5...7 minutes walk.


Coffee, tea and water will be available in both locations. We don't offer disposable cups for drinking. Drinking coffee from a mug is IN! You can buy out a mug at the beginning of the symposium. You need to carry your mug around the area and wash it yourself. If you wish, you can personalize yours with a tag of yarn, etc. At the end of the event you can keep the mug or give it back and get the deposit in return.

The mugs are painted by Tallinn Support Center Juks. Juks is a social welfare center which provides social services for people with intellectual disability. They help intellectually disabled people to cope with daily life and work, to improve their skill set and spend spare time.
They have three departments:

  • department of improvement and creativity;
  • department of rehabilitation;
  • department of protected employment.

They offer the following services to their clients:
1. improving and creative activities;
2. support for daily life and working;
3. (long-term) protected employment service;
4. rehabilitation;
5. support person service.

The clients of Juks make textile items, woven rugs, ceramics, paintings on silk scarves and porcelain. By donation, you can support their services.
Companies can order big quantities of mugs, Christmas cards, envelopes, bags and ceramic items. All their products can be purchased from a gift shop in Tallinn, Kadaka tee 153 (open on M-F 9 am – 4 pm).
Web page:

  • Vilma_maja