Work packages

Activities in CEMCE are grouped into work packages (WPs, Tables 1 and 2). The WPs list the projects that are tightly connected to the current competences of the consortium partners and can be started in the first year of CEMCE. The consortium also has long term science & technology development goals. New projects will be designed for achieving these goals and started in years 4 – 7. Details of these activities depend on the results acquired during the first years of CEMCE. 

Table 1. CEMCE research groups. The ERA Chairs are not indicated as these “units” are currently in the set‐ up/formation phase.


Table 2. Distribution of tasks among different CEMCE work groups. The letters from A to G indicate Work Packages, the numbers from 1 to 7 on the top bar indicate research groups. The filled symbols mark the research group taking leadership in the project and the open symbols mark the contributing teams.