Mycology and Microbiology Center (MMC) is an organisation that connects researchers working at various research facilities in Estonia. Established in 2021 and linked to the University of Tartu, MMC aims at developing and promoting the excellence of research. The main activities include sharing methods, protocols and analytical experience in environmental microbiology. Improving cooperation between various workgroups at Estonian universities and providing international links to its members is also one of the main aims of MMC.

The researchers associated with the MMC focus on mycology, bacteriology, protistology and microbial ecology. The research interests cover ecology, physiology, taxonomy, diversity and biotic interactions among and between various organisms. For example, between fungi and various macroscopic and microscopic organisms (including mycorrhiza, lichens, root nodules, animal symbionts, etc.). Pathology of both terrestrial and aquatic microorganisms and their associations with the environmental parameters form another key topic.

The center’s research teams are developing digital data archives for species of fungi and other eukaryotic organisms. The most widely used global analysis services to users include PlutoF and UNITE platforms.