Technical tours

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Tour 1

The forest ecosystems study sites in the Järvselja complex: free air humidity manipulation forest station (FAHM), experimental drained peatland forest experimental station for full C & N cycle measurements, SMEAR Estonia (Station Measuring Forest-Atmosphere Relations) for the local regional flux analyses

Agali stationSMEARFAHM


Tour 2

The industrial oil-shale region in North-East Estonia (oil-shale open-pit mine, restoration of mined areas) and Lake Peipsi.

Kiviõli ash mountain Lake Peipsi


Tour 3

Emajõgi River, Võrtsjärv lake, and limnological station + a constructed wetland for buffering agricultural runoff (Vända constructed wetland), berry cultivation in a former peat extraction area.

Vända constructed wetlandVõrtsjärv Lake


Tour 4

Otepää and Karula hilly areas with several protected sites and cultural features (Sangaste Castle), an old forest study station (Soontaga eddy covariance tower)

Karula hilly areaSoontagaSangaste castle


Tour 5

Meenikunno raised bog, traditions and culture of Seto people and visit to Piusa-Võmmorski protected area where we explore the outcome of the restoration of heathland ecosystem and creation of habitat for Northern crested newt (Triturus cristatus) in abandoned quarry.

Meenikunno bogPiusaSeto people


Tour 6

Männikjärve natural raised bog and peatland restoration sites in Laiuse and Endla

Männikjärve bogRestoration in Endla