Aleksander Müller

Aleksander Müller (real name Müller-Mölder, also known as Mülleri Sass, 27 I 1947 – 4 VII 2013) was a musician, actor and writer.

Müller was born in Tartu. He studied at several schools in Tartu, including two years at the University of Tartu as a student of psychology. Müller was one of the most prominent hippies in Estonia, member of the rock groups Kontrastid, Jüngrid and Suuk; from 1977 he acted as a solo artist performing mainly blues. He accompanied his songs himself on the piano and used surreal and satirical texts for lyrics.

In the 1970s, Müller was a member of the opera chorus of the Vanemuine theatre and also participated in some drama productions of the Vanemuine.  He was a member of the Estonian Writers’ Union from 2007.

From 2001, Aleksander Müller began to publish in print. In 2001, he published his only poetry collection Vilus on jahe (‘It’s Cool in the Shade’). From 2006, Müller also published prose. Müller’ prose books contain absurd, puns, black humour and joy of life accompanied by a wistful smile. These books are Mülleri jutlused. Karupunne and poeese (‘Müller’s Sermons. Bear Plugs and Poems’, 2006), Sokk bordellis ja teisi karupunne (‘Sock in the Brothel and other Bear Plugs’, 2008) and Jumal, kes oli näinud koeri (‘God, Who Had Seen Dogs’, 2011). In these, the author’s personal memories and crazy fantasy have joined into an organic whole.

Aleksander Müller has also penned memories about his life on the border of the Supilinn (Souptown) neighbourhood of Tartu under the title Poolsupilinlane (‘Half-inhabitant of Souptown’) in the collection Supilinn minu elus (‘Souptown in My Life’, 2006).

L. P. (Translated by I. A.)


Books in Estonian

Vilus on jahe: möödunud sajandi luulet. Tallinn: Umara, 2001. 101 lk.

Short prose
Mülleri jutlused: karupunne ja poeese. Tallinn: Umara Kirjastus, 2006. 103 lk.
Sokk bordellis ja teisi karupunne. Tallinn: Umara Kirjastus, 2008. 104 lk.
Jumal, kes oli näinud koeri: memuaarid. Pärnu: Jumalikud Ilmutused, 2011. 143 lk.