MOOC: Auditing Water Management

Study guide

Organisation of the course material

The course (overall volume 1 ECTS, 26 hours of students work) is organized in introduction and 4 modules, which are in turn split into smaller subsections. The course consists of reading, video lectures, exercises, case studies and tests.

The modules start with a brief video introduction discussing the main topic(s) and outcomes of the section. The video is followed by a textual part. The videos are meant to complement, not substitute the textual part.

Each module ends with an exercise, which enables to test the acquired knowledge and skills. The exercises are an intrinsic component of the course and it is strongly recommended to take all of them.


Throughout the course there are numerous self-test exercises for enabling the student to test his/her knowledge and skills in specific topics. Each exercise is graded as a percentage (100% corresponding to correctly answering all questions and correctly solving all problems). 

Feedback is given as:

  •  Correct answer, correctly recognised and marked by the student.
  •  Incorrect answer, however, considered correct by the student.

All exercises can be taken as many times as needed and the success of taking these exercises will not influence the final grade. We recommend that you complete all the exercises and work with them until you achieve score 100% and only then move to next topic.

NB! If possible, we recommend using Google Chrome browser when taking the exercises.

Terminology and definitions

Wherever possible, the used terminology adheres to EUROSAI WGEA practices.