MOOC: Auditing Water Management

Course team

Tuuli Rasso, Auditor at the National Audit Office of Estonia

Tuuli has extensive experience in environmental governance and auditing. During her career at the National Audit Office of Estonia (NAOE)  she has conducted environmental audits in Performance Audit Department as auditor and audit manager. She has been an advisor and the head of INTOSAI WGEA and EUROSAI WGEA secretariats as well as international relations of NAOE. She has been involved in numerous national and international (coordinated) audits and organised many international training events and seminars on environmental auditing both in INTOSAI WGEA and EUROSAI WGEA and at the Global Training Facility on Environmental Audit in Jaipur, India.

Alar Jürgenson, Auditor at the National Audit Office of Estonia

Alar has audited waste, climate change, energy and mining issues for 10 years in the National Audit Office of Estonia. Before joining with the audit office, he worked for the Environmental Inspectorate carrying out control and monitoring duties on various environmental fields/topics (waste, water, air quality etc.). Alar participated in the EUROSAI WGEA cooperative audit on air quality (2019) and he also taken part of several EUROSAI and INTOSAI seminars and working groups on waste management and circular economy.

Kaire Kesküla, Head of International Relations at the National Audit Office of Estonia

Kaire worked at the Secretariat of INTOSAI WGEA (2010-2013) and thereafter also participated in audits conducted by the environmental and infrastructure audit teams of NAOE. She has experience in organising several environment-related training events and meetings as well as international (coordinated) audits. She has advised the Secretariat of EUROSAI WGEA and coordinated MOOCs prepared by the NAOE in collaboration with colleagues from EUROSAI and INTOSAI. Kaire is also an e-learning specialist certified by the INTOSAI Development Initiative in 2019.

Former team members whom you can see in MOOC videos:

Airi Andresson, former Audit Manager at the National Audit Office of Estonia

Airi worked for the Estonian National Audit Office during 2006-2023 as an auditor and an audit manager. Her current fields of responsibility are environmental and agriculture audits. She was active in the environmental auditing community both on European and on international level, taking part in several co-operative audits and projects. She has taught environmental law for more than 10 years for the master students at the Tallinn University and is a board member of an NGO dealing with environmental law issues. Prior to her work as an auditor she worked in the legal department in the Estonian Ministry of the Environment. 

Viire Viss, former Senior Auditor at the National Audit Office of Estonia

Viire worked at the National Audit Office of Estonia during 2009-2023 in Performance Audit Department (conducting audits in environmental and agricultural areas) as senior auditor and audit manager. She was a representative of NAOE in INTOSAI WGEA Steering Committee and led the INTOSAI WGEA research projects on market based instruments in environmental protection as well as the greening of audit offices. In her previous professional career she has also conducted several projects (incl. creating e-learning courses), trainings and lectures related to environmental management.

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