MOOC: Auditing Water Management

Exercise 4

Planning an audit on water-related issues

Please complete the exercise as self-test.

Exercise can be taken as many times as needed and the success of taking these exercise will not influence the final grade.

We recommend that you complete the exercise and work with it until you achieve score 100% and only then move to next topic.

Please mark which of the activities listed below could be undertaken specifically during the preliminary study of a water audit:

Please identify whether the focus of each water audit topic listed below is wide or focused:

Effectiveness of managing scarce water resources
The quality of surface water
Groundwater protection
Efficiency of the management of water infrastructure projects in X county
Implementation of Y river basin management plan
Drinking water

Imagine a situation where an auditor is preparing an Audit Design Matrix of an audit on water-related issues. Please identify the most suitable sub-question for each of the audit objective below.

Audit objective: Evaluate the effectiveness of the management of drinking water supply.
Audit objective:  Evaluate the effectiveness of protecting groundwater from diffuse pollution from agriculture.
Audit objective: Evaluate whether the programme X for enhancing the status of water bodies in poor and bad status in Y river basin has been effective and efficient.

Imagine a situation where an auditor is preparing an Audit Design Matrix of an audit on surface water protection. Please identify suitable criterion for each audit sub-question listed below:

Sub-question Criterion
1. Has a policy framework for surface water protection been established?
2. Are activities likely to cause pollution in surface water bodies regulated by legislation?
3. Is the monitoring of surface waters effective?