MOOC: Auditing Water Management

Exercise 1

Water-related problems

Please complete the exercise as self-test.

Exercise can be taken as many times as needed and the success of taking these exercise will not influence the final grade.

We recommend that you complete the exercise and work with it until you achieve score 100% and only then move to next topic.

Indicate which of the following can exert pressure on the good status of water.

Identify what type of pollution is linked to each situation described below:

The lake has suddenly turned green
Coliform bacteria were found in water samples
High mercury levels have been detected in fish
An accident at the chemical factory located by the river resulted in a spill
90% of people in village X are down with diarrhoea|fever and stomach pain
The use of fertilizers by farmers has increased significantly

Please mark which of the following factors may affect access to drinking water:

Please mark whether the sentences below are true or false:

Floods do not occur naturally.
The occurrence of human-induced floods can be easily predicted.
Deforestation can contribute to flooding
Urban floods are caused by inadequate sewage systems and excessive use of asphalt 
Risk assessments are important in providing an effective response to flooding

Mark which of the examples listed below are suitable measures to adapt to climate change induced impacts on water resources: