The orphan's hand-mill. Estonian fairy tales

The orphan's hand-mill. Estonian fairy tales. Tallinn: Perioodika, 1993, 142 pp.


Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald, The orphan's hand-mill. Translated by Aino Jõgi. ('Vaeslapse käsikivi'.)
Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald, A wise man in the pocket. Translated by Amanda Kriit. ('Tark mees taskus'.)
Juhan Kunder, The magic mirror. Translated by Irina Zheleznova. ('Imelik peegel'.)
Juhan Kunder, The keen-witted orphan. Translated by Aino Jõgi. ('Vaeslaps ja talutütar'.)
Juhan Kunder, The stoker and the devil. Translated by Amanda Kriit. ('Rehepapp ja vanapagan').
Juhan Kunder, The cunning threshing-barn stoker. Translated by Amanda Kriit. ('Vigur rehepapp').
August Jakobson, The poor beggar and the stingy farmer's wife. Translated by Aino Jõgi. ('Vaene kerjus ja ihne perenaine'.)
August Jakobson, The retribution of Jack Frost. Translated by Aino Jõgi. ('Külmataadi kättemaks'.)