De facto states research unit


The De Facto State Research Unit is pleased to announce that we are making the Dataset on De Facto States (1945-2017) publicly available for research and educational purposes. The interactive visualizations presented below provide a glimpse of the extensive material within the Dataset, serving as illustrations. We intend to regularly update these interactive visualizations with the support of the Estonian Research Council Grant PRG1798. The complete Dataset and accompanying Codebook can be accessed below the interactive chart.

When using the data, please cite and acknowledge the De Facto State Reseach Unit by accompanying the following two references:

  • Kursani, Shpend. 2020. “Contested States: The Struggle for Survival and Recognition in the Post-1945 International Order.” PhD Thesis, European University Institute.
  • Kursani, Shpend. 2021. “Reconsidering the Contested State in Post-1945 International Relations: An Ontological Approach.” International Studies Review 23 (3): 752–78.

The dataset is publicly available for research and educational purposes. Using the dataset for any purpose other than research and education, such as commercial or financial personal gain, is strictly prohibited.