Tartu Conference on East European and Eurasian Studies


The Tartu Conference 2024 is organised by the Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies and the Centre for Eurasian and Russian Studies at the University of Tartu.

In the years 2016-2018, the conference was financially supported by the European Commission under a Horizon 2020 Twinning project entitled “Building Research Excellence in Russian and East European Studies at the Universities of Tartu, Uppsala and Kent” (UPTAKE) under grant agreement No 691818.

Programme Committee

Catherine GibsonCatherine Gibson is a lecturer in East European and Eurasian Studies at the Johan Skytte Institute of Political Science, University of Tartu. She received her PhD in 2019 from the European University Institute in Florence. Her research focuses on the history of the Russian Empire, science, cartography, and nationalism, as well as contemporary memory and language politics. Her books include Geographies of Nationhood: Cartography, Science, and Society in the Russian Imperial Baltic (Oxford University Press, 2022) and The Palgrave Handbook of Slavic Languages, Identities and Borders (Palgrave, 2016), co-edited with Tomasz Kamusell and Motoki Nomachi. She is also technical editor of the Journal of Baltic Studies and series editor of “Politics and Society in the Baltic Sea Region,” published by Tartu University Press (Photo by Patricia Goh)

kara_brown_photoKara Brown (Associate Professor, College of Education, University of South Carolina; Visiting Professor, Institute of Estonian and General Linguistics, University of Tartu) is an educational anthropologist who researches equity and identity issues in schooling. She explores these themes through examinations of the socio-cultural context of language, the state’s role in structuring educational opportunity in Eastern Europe, and international teacher migration. Her regional expertise in Eastern European and Eurasian Studies focused upon the Baltic States and particularly Estonia, where she conducts the bulk of her ethnographic fieldwork. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in social foundations, comparative education, and qualitative research methods.


Elias GoetzElias Götz is Associate Professor at the Royal Danish Defence College, Copenhagen. He received Ph.D. and M.Sc. degrees in Political Science from Aarhus University, and an M.A. degree in International Studies from Uppsala University. His research focuses on Russian foreign policy, international relations theory, and great power competition. He has published on these topics in such journals as International Studies Review, Foreign Policy Analysis, Contemporary Security Policy, and Europe-Asia Studies.