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Leelo Tungal (born 22. VI 1947) is an Estonian poet and children’s writer.

She was born in Tallinn, studied in Ruila and Tallinn and Estonian philology in Tartu State University. She has worked as a teacher, in the editor’s office of several publications, as the dramaturge of the Puppet Theater and has edited the children’s magazines Täheke, Pioneer and Hea Laps. She has been a member of the Estonian Writers’ Union since 1979. She was married to composer Raimo Kangro (1949-2001). They have three daughters: writer Maarja Kangro (1973), artist Kirke Kangro (1975) and translator Anna-Magdaleena Kangro (1979).

Her literary debut was with poems in the magazine Pioneer in 1958; from 1965, she published her poems in the magazines Noorus and Looming as well. Her first poetry collections Kummaliselt kiivitajad kurtsid (‘Peculiarly the Pewits Bemoaned’, 1966, in the cassette Noored Autorid (‘Young Authors’) with Jüri Tuulik and Ingvar Luhaäär), Õitsev kuristik (‘Blooming Ravine’, 1974) and Müüdita (‘Mythless’, 1977) are based on personal experiences. In her next collections, romantic notions are replaced with more mundane, reflective undertones. In her 1980s collections Mullaketraja (‘Dirt Spinner’, 1981) and Tedremäng (‘Grouse Game’, 1982), themes of family, home and nation take central place, in combination with folk poetry tradition. Her poetry also reflects the turbulent times of regaining independence – the mood of late 1980s and early 1990s, like in Ainus kangelastegu on naeratus (‘The Only Heroic Act is a Smile’, 1991) and Ei nime, ei hinda (‘No Name, No Price’, 1993). The selected collections Käsi on valge ja süsi on must: luulet 1963-2002 (‘The Hand is White and Coal is Black: Poems 1963-2002’, 2002), Täisminevik: luuletusi 1963-2007 (‘Past Perfect: Poems 1963-2007’, 2007) and Teeleht: valik luuletusi 1963-2017 (‘Tea Leaf: Selection of Poems 1963-2017’, 2017) feature poems that are technically traditional, alert and with a humorous language sense. Tungal’s poetry has been set to music many times and she is the author of many song lyrics.

The majority of her writings are for children. Her cheerful children’s poetry has good rhythm and is rich in sound devices and layered humor. Her poetry often has unexpected shifts in meaning. She has written children-friendly and age-appropriate poetry both for toddlers and older children. Her children’s poetry can be found in the selected collections Lepatriinu faksiga: lasteluulet 1973-2004 (‘Lady Bird with a Fax: Children’s Poems 1973-2004’, 2004) and Südasuvi: luulet lastele 1972-2012 (‘Midsummer: Poems for Children 1972-2012’, 2012).

Her children’s prose includes both everyday stories of home and school for smaller children, but also more serious stories dealing with life problems for older readers, e.g. Kirju liblika suvi (‘Summer of the Colorful Butterfly’, 1986), yet even there the author’s characteristic optimistic attitude and warmth shines through. Tungal is skilled at seeing the world through children’s and young people’s eyes.

The autobiographically inspired Seltsimees laps (‘The Little Comrade’) trilogy is deeply felt and humorous: Seltsimees laps ja suured inimesed (‘The Little Comrade and Grownups’, 2008), Samet ja saepuru (‘Velvet and Sawdust’, 2009) ja Naisekäe puudutus ehk Seltsimees laps ja isa (‘Woman’s Touch or The Little Comrade and Father’, 2018). With the style somewhat similar to the Estonian classic Väike Illimar (‘Little Illimar’) by Friedebert Tuglas, the Little Comrade novels depict the harsh Soviet world of the early 1950s through the eyes of a little girl, whose mother has been sent to Siberia. The well received first novel was also made into a movie in 2018 (director Moonika Siimets).

Tungal has also written an A-B-C book and textbooks, puppet plays, opera librettos (e.g. libretto for the rock opera Põhjaneitsi – ‘The Maiden of the North’, 1980 – with Andres Jaaksoo) and has also been a prolific publicist and translator.

Leelo Tungal has been recognized with countless prizes, e.g. the A. H. Tammsaare literary award for the children’s novel Barbara ja suvekoerad (‘Barbara and Summer Dogs’, 1992; awarded in 1993); the Eduard Vilde Prize in Literature for the poetry collection Ainus kangelastegu on naeratus (‘The Only Heroic Act is a Smile’, 1991; awarded in 1993); the Karl Eduard Sööt Prize for children’s poetry for Palju õnne sünnipäevaks (‘Happy Birthday’, 1994; awarded in 1995), Küll on hea! (‘This Is So Nice!’, 1998; awarded in 2000) and Lätikeelne jäätis (‘Ice Cream in Latvian’, 2006; awarded the same year); and the Julius Oro children’s literature award (1999). She has been recognized several times at the Nukits competition held by the Estonian Children’s Literature Center and in 2017, received the Muhv award; in 1997 and 2017, she was the recipient of the Literature Endowment Annual Award in children’s literature; in 2015, the Ferdinand Johann Wiedemanni language prize; the Virumaa literature prize; the Baltic Assembly Prize for Literature for the trilogy ‘The Little Comrade’ (2019); The Order of the White Star, IV Class (2005); and the Estonian National Culture Award for life’s work (2019).

A. K. (Translated by A. S.)

Books in Estonian

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Ilus vana naine: jutustused. Tallinn: Eesti Raamat, 1978, 99 lk.
Lola Fiaccola, Humanitaarmõrv Bestoonias. Tallinn: Monokkel, 1993, 79 lk.

Children’s poems
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Children’s prose
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