Piret Raud

Photo: Dmitri Kotjuh

Children’s stories

Piret Raud (b. 15. VII 1971) is an author and artist.

She was born and educated in Tallinn, including the Estonian Academy of Arts, where she earned her master’s degree in graphic art in 1998. She has worked mainly as a freelance artist and author. Since 2006 she is a member of the Estonian Writers’ Union. She has been awarded many prizes for both her artistic and her literary works. For example, in 2004 she won first prize in a children’s story competition with her book Ernesto küülkud (‘Ernesto’s Rabbits’, 2004), the Literature Endowment Annual Award in 2005 for Sanna ja salakütid (‘Sanna and the Poachers’, 2005), in 2008 for Printsess Luluu ja härra Kere (‘Princess Lulu and Mr. Body’, 2008), and in 2015 for Lugu Sandrist, Murist, tillukesest emmest ja nähtamatust Akslist (‘The Story of Sander, Muri, the Tiny mummy and the Invisible Aksel’, 2015). She has received several Good Children’s Book awards, for Tobias ja teine B (‘Tobias and the Second Grade’, 2010), Natuke napakad lood (‘Slightly Silly Stories’, 2012), Lugu Sandrist, Murist, tillukesest emmest ja nähtamatust Akslist (2015), Kõik minu sugulased (‘All My Relatives’, 2017), Lugu väikesest majast, kes tahtis olla kodu (‘The Story of the Little House that Wanted to be a Home’, 2018) and Kõrv (‘The Ear’, 2019). Härra linnu lugu (‘Mr. Bird’s Story’, 2009) won the Rasin of the Year and The White Ravens awards. The latter was also won for Kolm soovi (‘Three Wishes’, 2012). The IBBY (International Board on Books for Young People) honourable listing was won by Printsess Luluu ja härra Kere. In 2020 she won the A.H. Tammsaare literary prize for the novel Verihurmade aed (‘The Garden of Celandines’, 2019). In 2016 she was awarded the Order of the White Star, class IV. Her parents are the children’s authors Eno Raud (1928-1996) and Aino Pervik (b.1932); her brothers are the writers Rein (b. 1961) and Mihkel Raud (b.1969).

Piret Raud, one of the most successful and frequently translated children’s authors and artists, is striking for her clearly individual style, and her unique literary and visual world. She is playful, humorous, cliché-breaking and has a gift for the absurd.

Her debut novel written for adults, Initsiaal purjeka ja papagoiga (‘Initial with Sailboat and Parrot’, 2018) deals with, among other things, the need for recognition, and it leads the reader into the world of calligraphy and art. In the novel Verihurmade aed, the lives of different characters are intertwined, and the theme of closeness and hope comes to the fore. Raud is a good storyteller, using fluent and poetic language.

A. K. (Translated by C. M.)

Books in Estonian

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Short prose
Kaotatud sõrmed. Tallinn: Tänapäev, 2020, 172 lk.

Children’s literature
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