Eesti teaduse teekaardi objekt NAMUR+


NAMUR+ infrastructure partners are Univeristy of Tartu (UT), Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) and National Institute Of Chemical Physics And Biophysics (NICPB).


University of Tartu (UT) is Estonia’s leading center of research and training. As Estonia’s national university, UT stresses the importance of international co-operation and partnerships with reputable research universities all over the world. To date UT has foreign partners in 26 countries. The University ensures academic diversity and high standards by being in the 1% of the world’s leading universities and research institutions in 12 domains of research. Through multilevel cooperation with Estonian public and business sectors UT promotes the creation and implementation of new knowledge and methods into society.

NAMUR+ services and analysis:

  • TOF-SIMS services
  • HR-TEM services
  • Lithography services
  • Micromechanical testing services


Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) the only technological university in Estonia is the flagship of Estonian engineering and technology education. Here the synergy between different fields (technological, natural, exact, economic and health sciences) is created and new ideas are born. TalTech is a university, which by relying on academic competencies and professional management, responds actively to the needs of the rapidly developing society and is involved in tackling the challenges of the digital era. The University is in charge of advancing engineering culture in Estonia and contributing to the sustainable development of the society with its innovative services.

NAMUR+ services and analysis:

  • HR-SEM services
  • Atomic layer deposition service


National Institute Of Chemical Physics And Biophysics (NICPB) is interdisciplinary Research Institute, which carries out basic and applied research in materials science, genetic engineering and biotechnology, environmental technology, in the field of particle physics and informatics.

NAMUR+ services and analysis:

  • Nano-safety services

Estonian Research Infrastructures Roadmap object „Center of nanomaterials technologies and research (NAMUR+)” is co-fundeded by European Regional Development Fund (projects „Nanomaterials – research and applications“, 3.2.0304.12-0397, 01.02.2012-31.12.2015 and „Center of nanomaterials technologies and research”, 2014-2020.4.01.16-0123, 01.01.2017-30.06.2022).