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Micromechanical testing services

Bruker Hysitron TI 980 TriboIndenter properties and possibilities

TI 980 is automated and fast measurement device for complex characterization of material mechanical properties in predetermined points or maps. Samples can be plates with diameter/side of up to 50 mm and height up to 30 mm, of different materials, e.g. metals, ceramics, polymers. TI 980 allows to measure both coating and substrate properties. Coating thickness can be from several nanometers up to micrometers. The system includes a patented programm, which allows determination of the thin coating properties practicaly not influenced by the properties of the substrate.

Common tests of TI 980 are measurements in predefined point/points or maps of:

  • Hardness;
  • Modulus of elasticity;
  • Creep;
  • Coefficient of friction;
  • Wear resistance;
  • Scratch resistance and adhesion.

In addition, TI 980 can be used to take a 2D/3D image of test location before and after the test (see Figure below). This gives the opportunity to target specific parts of a sample and gives visual feedback of the measurement result. For instance, it is possible to target carbon fiber and epoxy-resin separately in a carbon fiber reinforced composite.

Hardness measurement of a glass: on the left side are given 25 measured indent curves, on the right side 3D model of an indent (top) and top-down-view of the same indent are given.

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