International ERASMUS + project “Mindful Tourism Services for Mentally Disordered People” (MINDTOUR) is finished. The project lasted from September 2020 till the end of December 2022. Project partners from Estonia, Latvia, and Belgium implemented desk research about accessibility in tourism-related services and compiled a practical handbook for museums and other tourism organizations on how to develop their services accessible to people with mental impairment.

Accessibility for people with special needs is a problem in society generally, but in different fields also. Based on our research, is mobile and sensory impairment more acknowledged, but mental impairment not. Therefore, the project focus was on people with mental impairment and their accessibility to services.

This webpage gives you an overview of project aims and activities, project results and events are presented on the sub-page: MindTour project. The section “Results” presents compiled handbook “Guidelines for making tourism services more accessible for people with mental impairment” in Estonian, Latvian, and in English and a situation scans about accessibility in Estonia, Latvia, and Belgium (based on desk research).

Overview of project multiplier events and their presentations are accessible in the subpage Multiplier events.

The project team will be happy if you would like to give feedback or any reflection on to project handbook. Please contact us via contacts presented in the subpage “Contact”.