The economic integration of the Nordic-Baltic region through labor, innovation, investments and trade – LIFT

WP 4. Trade in commodities and services

WP4 is motivated by that in 2016, the Baltics exported goods and services to Norway for more than 2.2 billion euro and imported for nearly 1.1 billion euro, with ca 2 times growth during 10 years (Statistics Norway). We study how the Baltic-Nordic cooperation via trade contributes to increased value added and companies moving up in value chains.

WP4 includes the following tasks:

Task 4.1. Explanatory factors for trade between Nordic and Baltic through quantitative and qualitative research

Task 4.2. The effects of Norwegian-Baltic trade on firm productivity (learning by exporting), profitability, factor allocation, employment creation, wage levels and inequalities (gender pay gap, skill premiums, labour share).

Task 4.3. The relationship between tourism and firms involved in Baltic-Norwegian trade or FDI.

Task 4.4. Effects of Financial Similarity on Remittances in Nordic Baltic Region


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