Avo Üprus

Avo Üprus

Avo Üprus (pseudonyms Ave Ülenurme and Ave Reig, born 10 January 1954) is a cleric, theatre critic, politician and writer.

As a youth, Üprus spent more than ten years in prison for robbery, escape and other crimes. He has studied stage directing at Viljandi Culture School (did not graduate). In 1980, he completed Keila Distance Learning Secondary School. In 1999, he graduated from the Institute of Theology of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church and acquired the Master of Social Sciences degree there in 2001.

Üprus’ life work has been in the area of religion. From 1991–1996 and 2016–2018, he was a vicar of Tallinn Deanery, from 1991–1996 custodian pastor of Tallinn Bethel Congregation and from 2000–2016 pastor of the same congregation. He has been active in crime prevention and victim support, and from 1988, has organised voluntary work for the benefit of prisoners. He has been a member of the Estonian Parliament and Tallinn City Council. A member of the Estonian Writers’ Union from 1991.

Avo Üprus has published five collections of poetry. Üprus’ poems express the Christian message with existential tension and direct ethical fastidiousness. The novel Koopainimesed (‘Cavemen’) is an allegory of the totalitarian society.

Avo Üprus has also written short stories, plays, e.g., Akvaariumihaid (‘Fish Tank Sharks’, 2003), lyrics for the play Pöial-Liisi (‘Thumbelina’, staged at the Estonian Puppet Theatre in 1987), film scripts (Vaata, siin on inimene – ‘Look, Here’s a Human Being’, 1989, Tallinnfilm), essays and articles on cultural, social and religious themes, including numerous theatre, literature and film reviews.

In 2001, Avo Üprus was awarded the Order of the White Star, class V.

L. P. (Translated by I. A.)


Books in Estonian

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Ingeldus. Harkujärve: Inglitiib, 2018. 193 lk.

Koopainimesed. Tallinn: Eesti Raamat, 1990. 157 lk. [Romaan ja novell.]

Akvaariumihaid: näidend 3. vaatuses. Tallinn: VRA Partnerid, 2003. 51 lk.

About Avo Üprus
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