Elke Unt

Short stories

Church musician, organist and composer Elke Unt (born 8 November 1972) has written one book for children.

Elke Unt was born at Kohila, completed Tallinn Secondary School of Music in the speciality of choir conducting in 1991 and graduated in 1998 from Sibelius Academy in Helsinki in the speciality of church music. Unt has worked as an organist in Estonia and Finland. She has taught church music at Viljandi Culture Academy and has been the musical director of several divine services of the state.

Elke Unt is the author of the children’s book Kirikurott Luteerius ja tema sõbrad (‘Church Rat Lutherius and His Friends’, 2010) which acquaints the readers with the holidays of the folk and church calendar and the town of Tartu. The action of the stories of the book takes place in St John’s Church in Tartu. From the church tower, a view opens on the landmarks of the town – the university and the botanical garden, Lai and Rüütli Streets, Town Hall Square and the Tigutorn (Snail Tower) high-rise building and the Tasku (Pocket) shopping centre.

L. P. (Translated by I. A.)

Books in Estonian

Children’s books
Kirikurott Luteerius ja tema sõbrad. Tartu: Luteeriuse sõprade ühing, 2010. 69 lk.