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Tõnu Trubetsky (b. 24. IV 1963) is a musician, poet and prose writer.

He was born and educated in Tallinn. He has worked in various positions, in the mid-eighties involved in several rock and punk bands, the best known of which was Vennaskond, whose leader, vocalist and one of the main songwriters he was. Trubetsky has also worked as an animator and film director. He has been a member of the Tallinn NAK (Young Authors’ Association, since 1987) and the Estonian Writers’ Union (since 1997). He has been awarded the Grand Prix des Media of Radio France Internationale (1996) and the Suur Vanker award (1996).

Trubetsky’s first (punk) poems appeared in the press in 1986; his first collection, Pogo in 1989 (on the Kassett 88, together with texts by Karl Martin Sinijärv, Ringo Ringvee and Märt Väljataga), and the collection Anarhia (‘Anarchy’) in 1994. The collections give prominence to song lyrics, many of which have been performed by Vennaskond. His poetry has borne the aesthetics and poetics of punk poetry, which includes a certain simplicity. There are romantic and elegiac moods, motifs of departure, and social protest.

Trubetsky has written so-called ‘punk’ and ‘rock’ novels, both together with other authors, such as Inglid ja kangelased (‘Angels and Heroes’, 1992), Daam sinises (‘Lady in blue’, 1994), and alone – Mina ja George, (‘George and I’, 1996), which are characterised by a free-flowing plot with elements of adventure.

He has written surveys of anarchism and the punk movement: Anarhistid: anarhia legendid. Maailmarevolutsiooni prelüüd; anarhistliku liikumise ajalugu (‘Anarchists: the Legends of Anarchy. A Prelude to World Revolution: the History of the Anarchist Movement’, 2003), Eesti punk 1976-1990: anarhia ENSVs (‘Estonian Punk 1976-1990: Anarchy in the ESSR’, 2009), Haaknõela külm helk: Eesti punk 1972-1990 (‘The Cold Shimmer of a Safety-pin: Estonian Punk 1972-1990’, 2012) and Vaikne hooaeg: Eesti punk 1990-1999 (‘The Quiet Season: Estonian Punk 1990-1999’, 2018).

A. K. (Translated by C. M.)

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Short prose
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