Triin Tasuja

Triin Tasuja (born 28 VII 1989) is a poet.

Tasuja was born in Lääne-Virumaa County. She attended school at Tamsalu and studied anthropology at Tallinn University. She lives in Tallinn and has been a member of the Estonian Writers’ Union from 2014.

Triin Tasuja’s first poetry collection Provintsiluule (‘Provincial Poetry’, 2009) brought the 20-year-old author the Betti Alver Debut Prize, which she shared with Sandra Jõgeva.

In the texts of Provintsiluule, teenager’s frustration merges with romance. They express a feeling of rebellion and an internal urge for creation. The poetry collections Armastust on ja armastust pole (‘There’s Love and There Isn’t’, 2011) and Vastuseta kirjad (‘Unanswered Letters’, 2014) are also very personal.

A characteristic feature of Tasuja’s poetry is the use of the first person. Reviewers have described her poems as a lyrical autobiography. In 2020, Tasuja published the poetry collection Seksistentsialism (‘Sexisentialism’). Despite the pain caused by romantic love, Seksistentsialism appreciates the striving for it.

L. P. (Translated by I. A.)

Books in Estonian

Provintsiluule. Tartu: Värske Rõhk, 2009. 62 lk.
Armastust on ja armastust pole. Pärnu: Ji, 2011. 79 lk.
Vastuseta kirjad. Tallinn: Kite MTÜ, 2014. 64 lk.
Seksistentsialism. Tallinn: Koobakene, 2020. 62 lk.