Liina Tammiste



Liina Tammiste (born 30 III 1979) is a poet.

Tammiste primarily became known as one of the first so-called Facebook poets who post their creation on their Facebook profiles. She started posting her poems in 2010. Tammiste writes in the first person. She avoids punctuation and initial capital letters, uses abbreviations, omissions and anglicisms.

Her first collection of poems, Refresh (2013) was the first book of Facebook poems in Estonian literature. Half a year later, in spring 2014, Väike must kleit (‘A Little Black Dress’) came out, although it has the imprint of 2013. While the aim of Refresh was to represent the best of Tammiste’s poetry throughout years, the poetry collection Väike must kleit concentrates on the poet’s newer texts, and its subtitle is “a wonderful timeline poem in details”. The book contains lyrical love poetry.

The main theme of the poetry collection Tagurpidi kuu (‘Reverse Moon’) is motherhood.

Liina Tammiste has been a member of the Estonian Writers’ Union since 2018.

L. P. (Translated by I. A.)

Books in Estonian

Refresh. Tallinn: Näo Kirik, 2013. 1 mapp (2 vihikut: 32 lk. ja 33–62 lk.)
Väike must kleit: (t)imeline poeem detailides. Tallinn: Näo Kirik, 2014. 172 lk.
Tagurpidi kuu. Tallinn: Kite, 2017. 147 lk.