Eduard Tüür

Eduard Tüür

Eduard Tüür (born 15. August 1961) is a prose writer.  

Tüür grew up at Rummu in Harjumaa County. He has graduated from one university as an engineer and from another as a psychologist. Tüür has worked as a journalist, as an air traffic controller at Estonian Air, at the Estonian Civil Aviation Administration (was its director general from 1996–1998), at Tallinn Airport and as manager of the Uniprint printery. He publishes books at his one-man company Iibis. He is a member of the Estonian Writers’ Union from 2019. His father is cartoonist and graphic artist Eduard Tüür.

Eduard Tüür’s first book Rossi.nimi (‘The Name of Rossi’) appeared in 2012. In Estonian literature, Eduard Tüür’s creation has been found to reveal similarities with Mihkel Mutt and Toomas Raudam. Tüür plays with words and sentence constructions, irritates the reader with mythology. He has said that he likes intense text and shifted personal space spiced with cultural allusions. Tüür’s childhood pictures are realistic and nostalgic but tough and painful. Descriptions are laconic, the depiction of the Soviet time includes hints at irony and perception of the absurd. With personal time moving forward, Tüür’s text becomes more playful and richer in fantasy. Psychologisms remain but puns and games with images are added to them.

L. P. (Translated by I. A.)


Books in Estonian
Rossi.nimi. Tallinn: E. Tüür, 2012. 228 lk.
Rõõmustada vanaema. Tallinn: E. Tüür, 2015. 105 lk.
Nägemine on nähtamatu. Tallinn: E. Tüür, 2016. 281 lk.
Mamma Engalandi miraaž. Tallinn: E. Tüür, 2017. 243 lk.
Sneguri armastus oli õuna nägu: jõulujutt küpsele inimesele. Tallinn: E. Tüür, 2018. 223 lk.
Pianobaar Bizarre. Tallinn: E. Tüür, 2020. 275 lk.
1961. Tallinn: E. Tüür, 2021. 107 lk.