Peep Pedmanson

Short stories


Peep Pedmanson (born 8 August 1963) is a writer, scriptwriter, film director, artist and cartoonist.

Pedmanson was born in Põltsamaa. He completed Põltsamaa Secondary School in 1981 and graduated from Tartu State University in 1986 specialising in journalism. Thereafter, for a short time, Pedmanson worked at Tallinnfilm studio as an editor of feature films. From 1987, he attended higher courses for scriptwriters and directors at the State Committee for Cinematography in Moscow. He completed the courses as a director and animator in 1989. Peep Pedmanson worked from 1988–1993 at Tallinnfilm, from 1994–1998 at the film studios Eesti Joonisfilm and Nukufilm, from 1997–1998 as film editor for the cultural newspaper Sirp and from 1998 for several advertising agencies.

Pedmanson has written scripts for feature and puppet films. From 1999, he has been the scriptwriter of many TV series. The series Vanad ja kobedad (‘The Old and Able’), 2000–2007) with Pedmanson’s script was shown on ETV and TV3. The series with its protagonists Maie and Valdur achieved general popularity. Two collections of Pedmanson’s humorous stories are also based on this series.

In 2009, Pedmanson was awarded the Oskar Luts Humour Prize for his filmscripts an TV series. Pedmanson is also known as a cartoonist.

L. P. (Translated by I. A.)

Books in Estonian

Maie ja Valduri kodune köök. Tallinn: Sild, 2002. 136 lk.
Vanad ja kobedad. Tallinn: Tänapäev, 2002. 285 lk.

Taltsad unekäod. Tallinn: Umara, 1997. 70 lk.

Children’s books
Leelo Tungal, Peep Pedmanson, Miriami lood. Tallinn: Eesti Päevaleht, 2009. 88 lk.