Mirjam Parve

Mirjam Parve (born 8. XI 1991) is a poet and translator.

Parve is born in Tallinn. She graduated high school in the Old Town Educational College. At the University of Tartu, she received her bachelor’s degree in semiotics and her master’s in written translation. She wrote both her BA and MA theses on the poetry of Betti Alver and defended her master’s degree in 2017. She works as the editor of translations for the magazine Värske Rõhk. Her poetry has been published in several literary magazines.

In 2022, she was awarded the Juhan Liiv Poetry Prize.

Her writing expresses the will to experience an enlightening and cleansing moment, and shed the mortal body, while retaining an ironic and humorous attitude.

Parve has translated fiction from English and French, including the prose of Virginia Woolf.

L. P. (Translated by A. A.)

Books in Estonian

Varjukeha. Toimetanud Tõnis Vilu. Tallinn: Puänt, 2023, 93 lk.