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Children’s stories


Epp Petrone (Saluveer until 1995, Väljaots from 1995-2003; born 20.07.1974) is known as a blogger, publisher and the author of children’s and travel books.

She was born in Viljandi and graduated from Karksi-Nuia secondary school. She studied journalism at the University of Tartu. She has worked for different publications and has been the editor of television shows. In 2007, she founded the publishing house Petrone Print which is known for its travel-related ‘My-series’ that describe different parts of the world. She was married to the American writer and journalist Justin Petrone.

She has written children’s and travel books both in Estonian and English. She usually writes about her personal experiences. For example, the first novel of the successful My-series is her Minu Ameerika (‘My America’, 2007) which details her experiences living in America (later, Minu Ameerika 2 and 3 were also published, in 2007 and 2011, respectively). As is common with the books from that series, a personal story is intertwined with a social one, i.e. the novel provides insight both into the author’s experiences and the culture and everyday life of a country. The book Kas süda on ümmargune? (‘Is the Heart Round?’, 2010) also tells of her travels.

Petrone’s writings have a recurring theme of environmental concern and green living, e.g. Roheliseks kasvamine (‘Growing Green’, 2008). From 2006-2010, she was also a member of the Estonian Green Party.

Her children’s books are often inspired by personal experience as well, as many of her writings tell stories that have happened to her daughters – for example, Marta varbad (‘Marta’s Toes’, 2009), Anna hambad (‘Anna’s Teeth’, 2012) – or include memoirs of the author’s childhood, like Hiir püksis (‘Mouse in the Pants’, 2016).

Petrone’s writings mark the new trends in 21st century literature: democratized literature (anyone can be a writer), vague genre distinctions and writing based on personal experience.

A. K. (Translated by A. S.)

Books in Estonian

Minu Ameerika. 1. Reportaaže ja pihtimusi 2003-2006. Tartu: Petrone Print, 2007, 238 lk. [Järgnevad trükid: 2009, 2010.]
Minu Ameerika. 2. Ülestähendusi unelmatemaalt 2003-2007. Tartu: Petrone Print, 2007, 287 lk. [2. trükk: 2010.]
Kas süda on ümmargune?. Reisiromaan. 1. osa. Tartu: Petrone Print, 2010, 288 lk.
Minu Ameerika. 3. Kriis. Tartu: Petrone Print, 2011, 400 lk.
Kas süda on ümmargune?. 2 osa. Telesarja “Robinson” tagatoast. Tartu: Petrone Print, 2013, 272 lk.

Children’s stories
Kust tuli pilv?. Tartu: Petrone Print, 2008, 28 lk. [2. trükk: 2015.]
Marta varbad. Tartu: Petrone Print, 2009, 90 lk. [2. trükk: 2015.]
Siis, kui seened veel rääkisid. Tartu: Petrone Print, 2009, 32 lk.
Muinasjutud armastusest. Tartu: Petrone Print, 2011, 96 lk.
Anna hambad. Tartu: Petrone Print, 2012, 90 lk. [2. trükk: 2015.]
Jassi pass. Tartu: Petrone Print, 2013, 90 lk.
Arva ära. Tallinn: Päike ja Pilv, 2014, 41 lk.
Kurru-nurru vurrud. Tartu: Petrone Print, 2015, 72 lk.
Leena peenar. Tartu: Petrone Print, 2015, 82 lk.
Ma kingin sulle jõe. Tartu: Petrone Print, 2015, 32 lk.
Hiir püksis. Tartu: Petrone Print, 2016, 142 lk.
Lennukiga lõunamaale. Tartu: Petrone Print, 2017, 70 lk.
Võlusõnad. Ühe minuti muinasjutud. Tartu: Petrone Print, 2017, 71 lk.
Kiire hiir. Tartu: Petrone Print, 2018, 36 lk.
Meie Eesti. Tartu: Petrone Print, 2018, 63 lk. [2., täiendatud trükk: 2018.]
Paharet ja unistaja. Tartu: Petrone Print, 2018, 52 lk.
Tere, meie Eesti!. Tartu: Petrone Print, 2019, 32 lk.
Elas kord…. Kahe minuti muinasjutud. Tartu: Petrone Print, 2019, 64 lk.

Epp Petrone, Dagmar Lamp. Meestest, lihtsalt. Tartu: Petrone Print, 2007, 205 lk. [2. trükk: 2011.]
Epp Petrone, Dagmar Reintam, Õun ära süüa?. SL Õhtulehe populaarne suvejutt koos epiloogidega ja lisadega. Tallinn: Pegasus, 2007, 213 lk.

Other non-fiction
Roheliseks kasvamine. Tartu: Petrone Print, 2007, 223 lk. [Järgnevad trükid: 2009, 2011.]
Elust kirju. Tartu: Petrone Print, 2014, 351 lk.
Inspireerivad armastuslood läbi aegade. Tartu: Petrone Print, 2017, 158 lk.
Epp Petrone, Kristi Uudeväli, Kalliskiviraamat. Tartu: Petrone Print, 2017, 96 lk.
Lastekirju. Tartu: Petrone Print, 2017, 232 lk.