Bernhard Lülle

Short stories and novellas Bernhard Lülle


Bernhard-Friedrich Lülle (5 July 1921 – 1 November 1995) was an actor, theatre director and writer.

Lülle was born in Tallinn in a carpenter’s family. From 1935–1938 he studied at Gustav Adolf Gymnasium and in 1940 graduated from the private college of Tallinn Adult Education Society and in 1946 year the special class of the Drama Studio. Before World War II, Lülle was an actor in the theatres of Tallinn. After the war, he worked as a director at several theatres, later as a manager of amateur theatres. In 1953–1962, he was a teacher of stage speech at Tallinn Pedagogical Institute and at Tallinn Folk University of Culture and in 1962–1978 supervisor of amateur theatres at the Folk Art Centre. Bernhard Lülle was a member of the Estonian Writers’ Union from 1958.

Under the collective pseudonym of Lall Kahas, Lülle wrote plays in cooperation with Iko Maran – Põlev alus (‘The Burning Car’, 1945), Aknad valla (‘Windows Open’, 1946), Pähklimägi (‘Walnut Hill’, 1957) and youth stories. Under Bernhard Lülle’s name, he published the plays Hundipass (‘Dismissal’, 1981) and Tagasilöök (‘Backlash’, 1985). Lülle translated plays from Russian.

Youth books published under the name of Lall Kahas have been translated into Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Georgian, Moldovan, Chinese and Tajik.

L. P. (Translated by I. A.)

Books in Estonian

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Children’s books
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