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Oskar Kruus (29. IX 1929 – 29. X 2007) was a literary researcher and prose writer.

He was born in Tartu County. He studied in Otepää; then at Tartu State University, where he spent a year in 1948 at the law department, after which he studied Estonian Philology at the history and language department from 1948-1953, graduating with a specialization in Estonian literature. From 1953-1956, he finished his postgraduate studies at the Institute of Language and Literature. His master’s thesis was Raimond Kolga eluläik ja looming (‘The Life and Works of Raimond Kolk’, 1993, Tallinn Pedagogical University) and PhD’s was Väliseesti kirjanduse vaatlusi (‘Observations of Expatriate Estonian Literature’, 1996, The University of Tartu). He held several positions: a researcher at the Institute of Language and Literature, an editor of Looming magazine, the director of Pärnu Drama Theatre, a literary consultant of the Tallinn Writers’ Union, an editor at Eesti Raamat publishing house, and a lecturer at Tallinn Pedagogical University. He became a member of the Writers’ Union in 1970 and of the Estonian Literary Society in 1993; from 1960-1992, he was a member of the Estonian Theatre Society. He was given the Estonian Arts Foundation award (1995), the Order of the White Star, Medal Class (2001) and the Bernard Kangro Literary Prize (2003) for the novel Bernard Kangro elukäik ja looming (‘The Life and Works of Bernard Kangro’). He passed away in Tallinn and is buried at Metsakalmistu (Forest Cemetery).

As a writer, he debuted with poetry. His first book was the collection Ma tulen Otepäält (‘I Come from Otepää’, 1962), which was followed by Rändaja purdel (‘Traveler on a Footbridge’, 1977). His writings (and literary criticism) started being published in magazines in the late 1940s. The majority of his works is prose: for example, the short story collections Tabamatu armastus (‘Elusive Love’, 1975), Juhusliku paari mäng (‘The Game of a Chance Couple’, 1979), Loobumised (‘Surrenders’, 1980); the novels Ärkamised (‘Awakenings’, 1984) and Naiselikkuse seadus (‘The Law of Femininity’, 1986) and the composite novel Armastus võõras linnas (‘Love in a Strange Town’, 1994). His books often have a background in history, literature, or culture, for example the novel based on real events Aeg atra seada (‘Time to Prepare’, 1986), which depicts the life of Mart Mitt, a leading figure of Estonian national awakening. The novel Vabakäiguvang (‘Prisoner on Work Release’, 2004) focuses on the communist writer Valter Kaaver. The collection Mälestusi eelmistest eludest (‘Memoirs of Past Lives’, 1998) includes stories based on literary and cultural history.

Kruus’ style is characterized by detailed literary and cultural forays and ideas – both as a writer and literary researcher. Kruus was an intense collector of factual materials during his life, especially of those concerning the lives of writers. His article collection Naine hanesulega (‘Woman with a Quill’, 1971) focuses on female writers; Apokriiva lood eesti akadeemilise kirjandusloo juurde (‘Apocryhpa Stories to Accompany Estonian Academic Literary History’, 1983) collects literary stories; Eestiga südames võõrsil (‘Abroad with Estonia at Heart’, 1996) features articles on expatriate literature. He has authored several (short) monographs, for example Jakob Mändmets (1961), Hella Wuolijoki (1999), Juhan Sütiste elukäik ja looming (‘The Life and Works of Juhan Sütiste’, 2000), Bernard Kangro elukäik ja looming (‘The Life and Works of Bernard Kangro’, 2003), Karl August Hindrey elukäik ja looming (‘The Life and Works of Karl August Hindrey’, 2003). He was a co-author of academic Estonian literary research and of several reference books, including the compiler and editor of Eesti kirjarahva leksikon (‘The Lexicon of Estonian Literature’, 1995). He has compiled and edited several books and written forewords and afterwords.

The memoir novels Unistuste purunemise aastad: mälestusi 1953-1963 (‘The Years of Shattered Dreams: Memoirs 1953-1963’, 1996), Tiibade kasvamise aastad: mälestusi 1933–1953 (‘The Years of Growing Wings: Memoirs 1933-1953’, 2004) and Tahavaatepeegel: mälestusi 1965–2000 (‘Rearview Mirror: Memoirs 1965-2000’, 2001) offer insight into the society and literary scene of the time.

A. K. (Translated by A. S.)

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Local history
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