Krafinna (real name Ene Kallas, born 12 July 1973) is a writer and journalist.

Krafinna was born in Saaremaa Island and acquired education in Kuressaare, Viljandi and Tartu. She has studied multimedia design, theology and librarianship and has worked as a teacher and as a librarian at Tartu Public Library, also as a journalist for the Saaremaa newspaper Oma Saar. At present, she is a journalist of the newspaper Postimees. Member of the Estonian Writers’ Union from 2014. Under the name of Ene Kallas, she has edited science fiction and fantasy books.

In 2011, Krafinna published the poetry collection Teki all ja köögikardinate taga (‘Under the Blanket and behind the Kitchen Curtains’) between the same covers with Kaarel Kressa’s poetry collection Vereurmarohumesi (‘Swallowwort Honey’). Her poetry collection Tark loom (‘Wise Animal’) appeared in 2013. A selection of her poems was published in the same year in the collection Elavate surnute antoloogia (‘Anthology of the Living Dead’). The poetry collection Kohtu tänava vares (‘Court Street Crow’) followed in 2014.

The fourth poetry collection Kasse täis linn (‘City Full of Cats’, 2019) has been characterised by the author as playing with form and “romantic, sometimes even erotic”. The texts often depict Tartu but also the author’s home island, Saaremaa. The book’s laconic design is by the author.

L. P. (Translated by I. A.)

Books in Estonian

Krafinna, Teki all ja köögikardinate taga; Kaarel Kressa, Vereurmarohumesi. Pärnu: Jumalikud Ilmutused, 2011. 38 lk.
Tark loom. Saarde; Pärnu: Jumalikud Ilmutused, 2013. 99 lk.
Kohtu tänava vares: sügisest sügiseni 2012–2013. Saarde; Pärnu: Jumalikud Ilmutused, 2014. 80 lk.
Kasse täis linn. Lümanda: Gururaamat, 2019. 71 lk