Andrus Kasemaa


Andrus Kasemaa (b. 18. VI 1984) is an Estonian poet.

He attended Alatskivi High School and went on to complete his studies at the University of Tartu in literature and cultural studies in 2009.

Kasemaa is from Juhan Liiv country, or, in other words, the edges of Alatskivi, and thus one may assume that Juhan Liiv’s poetry and lifestyle had some influence on him. After being repeatedly nominated for the Juhan Liiv Poetry Prize, Kasemaa finally won the 40th Juhan Liiv Poetry Prize in 2018 for his poem Oma kaasaegsetele (‘For My Contemporaries’, published in the collection Olla luuletaja (‘To Be a Poet’, 2017).

Kasemaa’s poetry is simple, but multifaceted and diverse. In his debut collection, nature lyrics and elements of landscape play a key role, gradually becoming darker in tone and even morbid, in symbolic context. Time and dimension of place are important to the author. Many texts realistically depict his modern social context and the local landscape along Lake Peipsi.

In addition to poetry, he has published three works of prose that do not lack in poetic leanings. Both his poetry and prose have been regarded as honest and genuine, emphatic with a display of social acuity. He is considered a follower of truth—on both the subjects of love and death—and a writer of a younger generation who asks questions that many others dare not.

Brita Melts has written a longer article in Keel ja Kirjandus (6/2013) about the literary home world of Kasemaa’s debut collection.

M. K. (Translated by M. M.)

Books in Estonian

Poeedirahu. Tartu: Ilmamaa, 2008, 64 lk.
Lagunemine. Tallinn: EKSA, 2009, 135 lk.
Kustutamatud õhtud. Tallinn: Tuum, 2012, 71 lk.
Olla luuletaja. Tallinn: Tuum, 2017, 88 lk.
Kui ma kord suren. Tallinn: Eesti Keele Sihtasutus, 2018, 83 lk.
Muusa. Tallinn: Tuum, 2019; 81 lk.
Mees otsib naist. Tallinn: EKSA, 2019, 128 lk.

Leskede kadunud maailm. Tallinn: Varrak, 2012, 176 lk.
Minu viimane raamat. Tallinn: Varrak, 2014, 164 lk.
Vanapoiss. Tallinn: Kultuurileht (Loomingu Raamatukogu), 2019, 107 lk.