Berit Kaschan

Berit Kaschan (born 26. XII 1985) is a poet and an editor.

In 2013, she defended her master’s thesis on literature at Tallinn University. She has worked as a curator and museum educator at the A. H. Tammsaare Museum in Tallinn, as a managing editor at Tallinn University Press and as the editor of the English language magazine that introduces Estonian literature, the Estonian Literary Magazine (ELM), at the Estonian Institute.

Kaschan’s first poetry collection Ma naeran magades (‘I Sleep Laughing’, 2016) was nominated for the Betti Alver Debut Prize and won the literary prize of Tallinn University. Her third poetry collection Täna piisab vähesest (‘Less is Enough Today’) features her best works written over a year, which are full of the joy and acceptance of living, sadness, and liberating folly.  Her poems have been translated into Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian, and Russian. Kaschan’s poems from the collection Hommikune vahetus (‘The Morning Shift’) made it to the Finnish language Estonian Poetry Map Viron runokartta 2020 as well.

In addition to writing, Kaschan is dedicated to studying and putting into practice the therapeutic effect of literature.

L. P. (Translated by A. A.)

Books in Estonian

Ma naeran magades. Tallinn: Verb, 2016. 39 lk.
Hommikune vahetus. Tallinn: Kaschan AM, 2019. 53 lk.
Täna piisab vähesest. Tallinn: Puänt, 2022. 61 lk.