Mart Juur

Mart Juur

Mart Juur (29. IX 1964) is a humourist, journalist and music critic.

He was born and educated at Otepää and studied journalism at Tartu State University, where he graduated in 1986. He has worked on the humorous magazine Pikker and the newspaper Postimees, and was the chief editor of the newspaper Nelli Teataja. Juur has participated in and directed several popular television and radio programmes, such as the humour programmes Rahva Oma Kaitse (‘The People’s Own Defence’) on Radio 2 (with Andrus Kivirähk) and Ärapanija (‘Hard Hitter’) on television Channel 2 (with Peeter Oja) as well as the literature programme Kirjandusministeerium (‘Ministry of Literature’) on ETV. He has been a member of the Estonian Writers’ Union since 2008. He won the Oskar Luts Humour Prize in 1998, the Estonian Librarians’ Association journalism prize in 2013 and the Order of the White Star, Class IV in 2019.

Juur’s first piece of music criticism appeared in 1986 in the journal Noorus; the first book of his to appear was the humorous collection Jamasuutra (‘Crap Sutra’, 1991). He is known mostly for his writings on music (see for example 101 Eesti popmuusika albumit – ‘101 Estonian Pop Music Albums’ – 2010) and for his various humorous collections. He has published humorous sketches, poetry and “calembours”. His positive attitude to life is striking, and his wide reading creates a basis for his abundant intellectual intertextual play. His comedy makes use of character, situation and word-play, with a masterful command of language and words. His jokes are often connected to a particular time, situation or person. There is fine irony, satire, social acerbity, absurdity, but also coarse comedy.

A. K. (Translated by C. M.)



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