Häniläne (real name Mariina Paesalu, born 13 I 1953) is a poet.

She was born on Ala-Siimani farm near the town of Antsla in Võrumaa County. She completed Antsla Secondary School in 1971. In 1976, she graduated from Tartu State University where she studied Estonian language and literature. From 1992–1995, Mariina Paesalu studied Finnish language and culture at Tallinn Pedagogical University. In 1976–2012, she worked as a teacher of Estonian language and literature at Varstu, Alatskivi, Saue and Lagedi. In 1989, Mariina Paesalu won the first place at the Estonian competition of dialect literature. She is a member of the Estonian Writers’ Union from 2018.

Häniläne’s earlier poetry was published under the name of Mariina Saaveli in the publications Viruskundra and Eesti Kirik. From 2005, she has published her poetry under the name of Häniläne in the Võro-Seto calender and the journal Looming. In 2008, Häniläne won the Hendrik Adamson Award for poetry written in dialect with the poetry cycle Istõ inemine suurtii veeren (‘Someone was Sitting Beside the Highway’), and in 2009 she received the annual award of the journal Looming for her poetry cycle Tõsõ mu maailman (‘Others in My World’). Häniläne’s debut collection Ma pühäpääväpõllõ mõsi (‘I Washed My Sunday Apron’, 2010) was nominated for the Betti Alver Debut Prize.

The characteristic features of Häniläne’s poetry are the rich dialect vocabulary, clarity of thought, sincerity and pictoriality of emotions. Along with nature, the writer observes politics and each year writes a poem which sums up Estonian life in an ironic key. To make Häniläne’s poetry understandable for North Estonians, her books include a glossary and a CD with texts read by the author.

Mariina Paesalu has been the editor of many books, particularly poetry collections and travel books.

Her daughter Maarja Paesalu is a translator of literature written in Spanish.

L. P. (Translated by I. A.)


Books in Estonian (Võro dialect)

Ma pühäpääväpõllõ mõsi
. Laulõ aastagist 1989, 2005-2009. Võro: Võro Instituut, 2010, 129 lk.
Lugu rohiliidsi silmiga kuulmeistrist. Laulõ aastist 2010-2014. Lagedi: M. Paesalu, 2014, 192 lk + 1 CD.
Viiulimäng vanan vaksalin. Lagedi: M. Paesalu, 2016, 106 lk + 1 CD. [Jutud ja luuletused.]
Kibõna ütest rändämisest. Juttõ ja luulõtuisi. Lagedi: M. Paesalu, 2018, 78 lk + 1 CD.