Airis Erme

Airis Erme (born 10 V 1973) is a poet.

She was born in Tallinn and completed the Õismäe Gymnasium of Humanities. Erme studied psychology and French philology at the University of Tartu and Romance languages and literature at the Estonian Institute of Humanities. She has worked as a language editor and assistant for Ecotalent publishers, pollster for Faktum research centre, psychologist at the Estonian Society of Blind Masseurs and as a desk officer at the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. From 2010–2013, Airis Erme worked at the Representation of the Republic of Estonia in Strasbourg, later she has been a freelancer. She is a member of the Estonian Writers’ Union from 2019.

Airis Erme’s first poems appeared in the journal Looming in 2016. Her first collection of poems Räägime homme (‘Let’s Speak Tomorrow’) was published in 2018. The second poetry selection Tiibadega tigu (‘Snail with Wings’) followed in the same year. The third poetry collection Vihmavalgus (‘Rainlight’) appeared in 2021. The poet uses the rhyme and the metre masterfully. Erme’s poetry is sincere and inquisitive. It includes numerous scenes of nature and a lot of silence; the author also digs into the depths of the Estonian language. Critics have noted the influences of Doris Kareva, Betti Alver and Jaan Kaplinski in Erme’s poetry.

L. P. (Translated by I. A.)

Books in Estonian

Räägime homme. Tallinn: A. Erme, 2018. 109 lk.
Tiibadega tigu. Tallinn: A. Erme, 2018. 74 lk.
Vihmavalgus. Tallinn: EKSA, 2021. 68 lk.