Karl Einer

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Karl Einer (Karl Sulev Einer, 12 August / 30 July 1907 – 4 November 1968) was an exile Estonian prose writer and translator.

Einer was born in Tartu County, attended Hugo Treffner Gymnasium in Tartu and completed Paide Coeducational Gymnasium; thereafter, studied at the Faculty of Law at the University of Tartu. He worked as a journalist and accountant, was the founder of the small publishing company Kuldkiri in Tartu. In 1944, he fled to Germany and from there to Britain. Einer died in London.

He entered literature as a translator, then began to publish prose. His debut novel Ainult üks valge liblikas (‘Only One White Butterfly, 1953) describes the first years of exile in England and the protagonist’s relations with women. Einer’s other novels, e.g., Suletud sadam (‘Closed Harbour’, 1955) also concentrate on problems of exile life and personal relations. Life at a retirement home and attitudes to old age are observed in the novel Kui aeg saab täis I–II (‘When the Time is up’, 1960).

A. K. (Translated by I. A.)

Books in Estonian

Ainult üks valge liblikas. Toronto: Orto, 1953, 318 lk
Suletud sadam. Toronto: Orto, 1955, 296 lk
Raudne vilepuhuja. Toronto: Orto, 1957, 260 lk
Kui aeg saab täis. 1. kd. Toronto: Orto, 1960, 263 lk
Kui aeg saab täis. 2. kd. Toronto: Orto, 1960, 271 lk

Books for children
Raudkaarnad: jutustis XIII sajandist. Tartu: Loodus, 1935, 48 lk
Matsutaja Mari. Tartu, Tallinn: Loodus, 1940, 16 lk