Participation in research projects


  • Pollution tracks in clouds help to understand anthropogenic impacts on Earth's climate. PI, Personal research funding Start-up grant of the Estonian Research Council.

  • Use of remote sensing data for elaboration and development of public services. Funded by Estonian Research Council.

  • Project VOLCCANO (Volcanoes for constraining aerosol-cloud interactions) funded by University of Reading, UK.

  • Airborne nanoparticles and their role in meteorological processes. Institutional research grant IUT20-11 of the Estonian Research Council.

  • Substitute member of the management committee of the COST Action ES1004. European framework for online integrated air quality and meteorology modelling.

  • HIRLAM-B program 

  • Numerical modelling of derecho dynamics in Baltic Sea region. Research grant No 9140 of the Estonian Science Foundation.

  • Development of the Numerical Weather Prediction Towards the Forecasting of Atmospheric Environment. Targeted Funding project SF0180038s08. Financed by Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.