PeatN2O model

PeatlandN2O will develop the two-level PEATN2O model of N2O fluxes. The process-based submodel will calculate N2O fluxes as rates of soil NH4+ and NO3 transformation into N2O apportioned between the key source processes such as nitrification and denitrification. The apportioning will be based on already conducted and planned studies on 15N isotope coefficients and ratios of key gene abundances controlling the N2O source processes. The new model will be applied for selected ecosystems of main land-use types in peatlands and globally upscaled, developing a GIS (geographical information system) model. PeatlandN2O will calibrate the model with N2O flux measurements in the project study sites. As input, the model will use synchronous and continuous high-frequency measurements and remote sensing of proxy environmental parameters, most importantly soil moisture, soil temperature, and vegetation characteristics. The model will be validated against published ground measurements from peatlands worldwide. Based on existing spatial datasets, a statistical approach will be used, including, most relevantly, soil moisture, soil temperature, vegetation, land use and fertilisation gridded data sets.


Conceptual scheme of the PEATN2O model coupling the process-based N2O and GIS-based regional/global N2O submodels