This course is created by Heidi Maiberg and dr. Elo Süld in cooperation with the project partners.


Heidi Maiberg

Heidi Maiberg

Heidi Maiberg is a doctoral student at Royal Holloway, University of London, specializing in terrorism research. His main interests are in the processes of deradicalisation and alienation of extremists, especially Islamists and right-wing extremists. His doctoral dissertation focuses on evaluating the impact of methods used in voluntary deradicalization and discontinuation programs in Europe and North America. He has a master's degree from the University of Tartu, where he studied the methods used in European countries to support the deradicalisation and alienation of Islamists. He has addressed gender issues in both sociology-related subjects and extremism-related research.



Elo Süld

Dr. Elo Süld

Dr. Elo Süld is a lecturer in Islamic studies at the Faculty of Religion of the University of Tartu and the head of the Asia Centre. She teaches subjects at the university on both the basics of Islam and the societies of Islamic countries, including gender relations. In addition, her research focuses on the diversity of Islam.


The MOOC "Gender: Hierarchies and Their Impact on Today's World" is part of a broader project entitled "Addressing Sensitive Issues in the Classroom". This project aims to gather the knowledge of four countries facing similar challenges - Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Estonia - and to develop guidance materials for university teachers and general education teachers. The project will create a toolbox of methods and guidelines, several e-modules, two e-courses and three MOOCs for teachers, pedagogy students, university staff and social workers. The project partners are the University of Tartu (Lead Partner), Central European University, Hradec Králové University and Warsaw School of Economics (SGH).