The 8th European Ostracodologists’ Meeting will be hosted in Estonia, between July 22-30, 2015. The scientific sessions in Tartu will be preceded and followed by two excursions to different ostracod habitats (sampling possible) and ostracod-rich localities in the lower Palaeozoic (Ordovician and Silurian) carbonate succession of Estonia.

The 8th European Ostracod Meeting targets all aspects of Recent and fossil Ostracoda. A broad range of contributions on ostracod biology, ecology, palaeontology, biostratigraphy and palaeoecology are expected, with links to geochemistry, palaeogeography and climate modeling.

The meeting will be organized by the Department of Geology, University of Tartu.

Welcome to Estonia in 2015!

Tõnu Meidla and Oive Tinn, on behalf of the organizers