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Research Communication Study Day
University of Tartu graduate schools
February 11, 2021
10:00–15:00, Online

On 11 February, a research communication study day is organised for doctoral students of the University of Tartu. The event is held in English. During the study day, participants learn and train how to give an interview, how to use social media in the interests of their research career and how to introduce their research in the form of a brief and persuasive three-minute presentation, aka elevator pitch. Participants also get an overview of how the university supports researchers in communicating their research.

The speakers are Maria Murumaa-Mengel, Lecturer in Social Media at the University of Tartu, Brit Laak, Teacher of Television Journalism, and Jason Mario Dydynski, Lecturer for Communicating Science, winner of the international 3-Minute-Thesis competition of the Coimbra Group (2018).

Register for the Research Communication Day for doctoral students by 4 February here.

10:00–11:00 Short presentations

How the university supports researchers with research communication
Piret Ehrenpreis (Research Communication Adviser, University of Tartu)

Giving interviews and communicating with journalists
Brit Laak (Teacher of Television Journalism, University of Tartu)

How to make social media work for the researcher?
Maria Murumaa-Mengel (Lecturer in Social Media, University of Tartu; winner of the national award for Teacher of the Year 2020 in higher education)

3-Minute-Thesis: who, why and when?
Jason Mario Dydynski (Lecturer for Communicating Science, University of Tartu)

11:00–11:45 Lunch

11:45–15:00 Parallel workshops

11:45–13:15 Workshop

13:15–13:30 Break

13:30–15:00 Workshop

Workshop 1

3-minute thesis- a crash course in presenting your research
Jason Mario Dydynski (Lecturer for Communicating Science, University of Tartu)

This seminar will explore the fundamental skills of public speaking and how to implement your research into an interesting short form presentation. You will learn to develop your own voice and basic techniques to appear in a confident manner in front of audience. The workshop will additionally introduce and help students prepare a 3-minute thesis.


Workshop 2

Social Media
Maria Murumaa-Mengel (Lecturer in Social Media, University of Tartu)

The social media workshop focuses on the opportunities and threats of social media – both aspects of communication with one’s own community (inreach) and aspects that are generally referred to as communicating with the public and the various target audiences (outreach). The platforms discussed during the workshop in more or less detail include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, ETIS, Research Gate, LinkedIn, Google Scholar, Tumblr, TikTok and blogs.


Workshop 3

Giving interviews
Brit Laak (Teacher of Television Journalism, University of Tartu)

The workshop will give you an overview of basic questioning and answering techniques. We will watch video examples to get an overview of errors that can distract the audience from your message. Together, we will analyse how to plan and present your message effectively, depending on the medium and its specificities.

Preliminary round for Coimbra Group 3-Minute-Thesis competition at the University of Tartu

On 19 March, the preliminary round for the international 3-Minute-Thesis competition organised by the Coimbra Group will be held at the University of Tartu. We invite doctoral students to participate in the competition and introduce their research in English in a captivating three-minute speech. A video recording of the winner’s presentation will be sent to represent the University of Tartu at the international competition. More information about the competition will be available soon.


More information:

Piret Ehrenpreis, UT Research Communication Adviser, 58160090,
Merili Hansen, UT GSCSA, GSLPS gradaute schools Project Manager of Events,


The event is supported by the European Regional Development Fund (University of Tartu ASTRA Project PER ASPERA).