Search options

Directly under the search box, you can select search options.

Boolean/Phrase The proximity operator N5 works as a default here, meaning that you will find results where the maximum distance between the searched words is five words from each other. If you want to target your search more precisely, use the Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT or other proximity operators. If you want to find an exact phrase, you have to put it in quotation marks.   

Find all my search terms – This is the default option of search modes. It automatically connects all searched words with AND, meaning that all your results will contain the entered search words (but not necessarily on the same fields or in proximity to each other). You can also use other Boolean operators inside this search.

Find any of my search terms Searched terms are connected with OR, meaning that the results contain atleast one of the searched terms.

Smart Text Searching –  You can enter a longer text here. The system will analyse the entered text and the results will be ordered by relevancy. This type of search usually gives a lot of results, many of which might not be relevant for you. If the beforementioned search modes don't give any results, the Smart Text Searching will be automatically applied.