Limiting search results after the search

You can limit the search results according to different characteristics also after the search. On the column left of the result list you can narrow down the results by Source types, Subject, Publisher, Publication and more. You can hide or show the different groups by clicking on the small arrows. 







Subject section shows all the subject terms present in your results. If all the subject terms match your topic, you have conducted a good query. You can narrow down your results by choosing certain subject terms from the list. You can also use found terms to conduct new searches.




You can also see results sorted by publishers. If the University of Tartu has access to them, you can use these publishers' databases to conduct more thorough searches.

By clicking on Publication you can see top 6 publications that provide information about your search topic, by clicking on Show more you can see the top 50 publications and if you click on Name you will see the publications ranked alphabetically. 

Geography shows which geographic locations the results are related to.

Content provider indicates the databases where the relevant information about your subject was found. You can later make additional searches in these databases.