Social Programme

During the conference we have planned two theatre visits. The first one is to Tartu New Theatre on 13th October at 19.00 to see Ivar Põllu’s Stereo.

Music can unite and separate us. We can disconnect from the outside world just by putting on our headphones and listening to our favourite music. We can make friends by finding weirdos like us how enjoy the same type of music. People who have danced together to the same songs in the same room can become lovers and create families or at least procreate. When listening to the same music we can feel one with other people in the room and forget how different we are.

Lefthanded and righthanded. Black and white. Beautiful and ugly. Too fat and too thin. Special and even more special. Unique and lonely. Every one of us is special and we all have our own story. Unfortunately, it rarely lasts more than 3 minutes, maybe 10 with a longer solo. Opposites will unite in one cosmic space by the end of the day, night, and a tune. From one side it requires differences and from the other collaboration and synchronicity.

But when that happens, there is no more left and right, good and bad, there is only the spatial sound of the stereo. And in fact, this is only the beginning, although we usually find that out at the very end, when it is already too late.

Author-creator Ivar Põllu, scenographer Kristiina Põllu, lighting designer Rene Liivamägi, sound design Andreas Jõesaar, make-up artist Kersti Niglas, poster Estookin, producer Maarja Mänd

The second theatre visit is to Vanemuine, to see Elmo Nüganen’s staging of W.A. Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni on 15th October at 19.00.

Mozart composed the opera Don Giovanni based on Tirso de Molina’s play The Trickster of Seville and the Stone Guest published in 1630 and its key character Don Juan. Premiering in 1787 at the Prague National Theatre, the opera was received with ovation, but for the 18th century Viennese spectators, it remained somewhat of a mystery. However, only a few decades later, the composition already bore the title of one of the greatest operas in history.

The debauched ladies’ man Don Giovanni and his faithful servant Leporello have travelled across the world, leaving behind countless broken hearts. However, all women won’t put up with this and so, Donna Anna, Donna Elvira and Zerlina decide to reveal the true character of this vile man. Don Giovanni can enjoy his adventures while they last, eventually the trickster still has to bear his cross himself.

In this centuries old story, swords will be replaced by phones to make the ancient villain pay for his deeds once again.

Don Giovanni has been staged at the Vanemuine Theatre once before, in 1990. This production will be created by the renowned Estonian stage director Elmo Nüganen and it will be his first encounter with the Vanemuine Theatre, but not with Mozart. In 1994, he directed The Marriage of Figaro in collaboration with Pärnu Opera.

Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, librettist Lorenzo Da Ponte, musical director and conductor Risto Joost, director Elmo Nüganen, conductors Taavi Kull, Martin Sildos, scenographer and videographer Katrīna Neiburga Latvia , costume designer Kristīne Pasternaka Latvian National Opera lighting designer Kristjan Suits Tallinn City Theatre choreographer Rauno Zubko, directors assistant Merle Jalakas